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981/213  -  Size:  770mm x 1020mm

2.25 Eska grey chip

981/217  -  Size:  770mm x 1020mm

1.75 Eska grey chip

981/270  -  Size:  770mm x 1020mm

1.25 Eska grey chip

GY-LINE  -  Size:  770mm x 1020mm

Greyline backing board

COR10X20  -  Size:  1080mm x 2000mm

Jumbo corrugated backing board

COR9X13  -  Size:  900mm x 1300mm

Standard corrugated backing board

NOV1  -  Size:  1220mm x 2440mm

Novalite backing board

NOV2  -  Size:  1220mm x 1220mm

Novalite backing board

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